OK1 Karts: the IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals

OK1 Karts: the IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals

Thanks to its experience and knowledge, IPK worked hard to ensure that all its drivers can always find the optimal driving position, as this significantly influences performance.

IPK focuses on satisfying all drivers’ needs by producing a wide range of accessories machined from solid pieces of material, therefore respecting the company’s philosophy. These accessories, such as the steering wheel hub, the heel rest and the pedal board, are all designed to make sure that drivers of any height and in any category can find the most comfortable and efficient driving position. In 2020, IPK took another important step forward by creating the multi-adjustable pedals for all OK1 chassis of all classes.

One of the main targets that motivated the IPK technicians in manufacturing new pedals was to simplify and speed up the work of mechanics when they’re on track, especially on the MINI kart, increasing the number of possible adjustments. This target was achieved with a modular product consisting of two pieces joined by a pin that is capable of rotating in 4 different positions. This solution provides an even greater advantage when it’s combined to the possibility of fastening the heel rest in 2 different positions, which consequently brings the total amount of available adjustments up to eight.

Additionally, the pedal has been designed so that it can be used interchangeably for the brake and the accelerator. This characteristic has two positive outcomes: it simplifies warehouse management for dealers and decreases the amount of spare parts that racing teams need to bring to the track.

The adjustment opportunities offered by the new pedals aren’t only restricted to the interaction with the driver. In fact, IPK developed 5 fastening positions for the master cylinder control rod in order to guarantee that it always functions in the most suitable way, parallel to the ground. There are also 2 available positions for the accelerator cable fastening bushing.

The distance of the pedals from the driver’s seat is an essential aspect to take into consideration when searching for the best driving position. The IPK technicians carefully analysed this too and, in fact, the strength of the new IPK pedals regards their adaptability to the driver’s physical changes: they can follow drivers throughout their growth as a result of the ample range of available adjustments.

An additional benefit comes from the perfect compatibility with the aluminium pedal board, which is machined from a solid piece of material and characterised by 10 adjustment holes for the pedal as well as 6 for the heel rest. Anyways, thanks to all its features, the pedal alone is absolutely capable of satisfying the needs of all age groups, heights and categories. Therefore, other accessories such as extensions can be avoided.

The new IPK multi-adjustable pedals are made of 7075 aluminium alloy, which is an ideal material because it’s lighter than traditional aluminium, but at the same time stronger from a mechanical point of view and more resistant to thermal expansion. The use of such a material, joined by CNC machining, which has always been a key component of the production of IPK accessories, and by tailor-made bolts and screws contributes in reaching the highest safety and quality standards.

Furthermore, all the stages of manufacturing, starting from the design, are executed in-house by IPK. The technicians can also rely on a 3D printer, in order to rapidly create prototypes and accurately check all the specifications before the actual production of the accessories starts, as well as on the data collected by the official racing teams at the racetracks.